Health and care

The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is a natural non-overbred breed, they don´t suffer from inherited defects like other breeds, they are not susceptible to diseases and don´t require special care.

He needs to go for a long walk or have a nice run. He can live outside all the year round; he loves basking in the winter sun but hates sunstroke. He doesn´t mind snow as much as summer heats. He comes from the country with extreme weather deviations, when in summer temperatures reach + 40°C and in winter they drop to – 30°C. Each our dog has his own kennel with weeded out spring mattresses and a joint kennel where they can hide in case of bad weather. If it is really frosty outside (-15°C and lower), we offer them to stay with us at home at night. Azmi almost doesn´t care about it even if there is a strong frost outside like this winter 2012, after a while he stands at the door, barks and wants out. Ajlin takes our offer to be together with us often and with pleasure, what is more, she misuses it. But she is a girl and we like giving her our company.

The dogs have a very dense coat, especially in winter, therefore we don´t recommend them for a flat – they moult twice a year really a lot. However, care about the coat is minimal, during shedding season they need continuous brushing.

Despite their robustness they live up to relatively high age of 12 – 15 years in a good health state.

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